Norand Mono Analog Synthesizer

Host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Norand Mono, a new synth that pairs an all-analog signal path with deep control and performance options.


The Norand Mono features ‘contextual modulation’, a unique modulation system that gives you full control over every parameter. Each parameter has its own envelope and audio-frequency modulator – with 13 dedicated envelopes for modulation and 20 dedicated modulators.  Other features include a sequencer with ratcheting and probability per step, continuously variable waveforms and a wide range of randomization features.


Topics  included:

0:00 Intro

1:45 Overview

3:40 Mod per knob

6:10 Mod notes

8:50 Connectivity

9:50 Oscillators

11:50 Analog mods

14:10 Filter

16:30 Digital mods

19:35 X-env to depth

20:10 Sequencing

22:25 Randomize

22:50 Scales

23:10 Accent, slide

24:45 Custom accent

25:40 Automation

26:55 Mod note seq

28:00 Ratchet, prob

29:15 Unlink x-env

30:10 Advanced RND

31:40 Glitch sonata

32:40 Project & patterns

36:20 Pros & cons

42:30 Factory patterns

46:45 Outro jam

The Norand Mono is available now for €700




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