Noise Engineering Nive Grad Makes it Easy to Connect Your Modular to Guitars, Synths, Effects + More

Noise Engineering has introduced Nive Grad, a compact 4HP module that makes it easy to connect your modular system to synths, guitars, pedals and more.

Nive Grad has two sections, each with two channels, for stereo or dual-mono use:


  • The top section is designed for amplification, adding +12dB or +24dB to a signal—values designed to take line-level or guitar-level signals up to Eurorack levels respectively. The input is high impedance, making it suitable for use with passive guitars.
  • The bottom section attenuates signals by -12dB or -24dB to connect Eurorack sources to pedals, recorders, or line-level effects. According to Noise Engineering, these fixed gain adjustments work well for most external gear, which allowed them to keep the design simple—it’s just 4HP—and, in turn, the cost low.


Nive Grad is available now for $160.


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