Noise Engineering introduces Roucha Legio at Superbooth 2023

At Superbooth 2023, Noise Engineering has introduced the Roucha Legio, the fourth module on their Legio platform.

Their concept for Legio is that it’s a Eurorack hardware platform that can load a wide variety of firmware, making it the foundation of a variety of module types. Anyone with any Legio module will be able to try any firmware for it, for free.

The Noise Engineering Roucha Legio module is a stereo resonant multimode filter with wavefolding, 1V/octave tracking, and gateable bypass.

Roucha Legio features lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filter settings. The filter frequency is adjustable via the dedicated encoder or the one-volt-per-octave CV input. Roucha Legio is designed not to self-oscillate without an input signal, but once a signal is added, the Resonance control can offer anything from clean to the squelch of an acid house bassline. Resonance is also CV-able, which means filter sweeps are easy to achieve.


  • 6 HP
  • CV-able inputs
  • Bypassable filter
  • 1v/8va tracking
  • Self-calibrating frequency CV
  • Part of Legio ecosystem: buy one module, get them all
  • Hotswappable panel overlays sold separately


The video intro:

Roucha Legio is available now, in black and silver, with an MSRP of $310.

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