New Systems Instruments releases Quad LFO and Phase Expander for Eurorack Modular Systems

New Systems Instruments has released two new modules: the Quad LFO and an associated LFO Phase Expander.

With four independent LFOs, each of which can have its own expander with three more outputs, the pair gives you a wide range of modulation sources with a small HP footprint.

The Quad LFO is an 8 HP analog sine core oscillator, giving four independent sine wave outputs. Each of the outputs ranges from nearly stopped to about 23Hz, covering the full sub-audio range and just dipping into the low audible frequencies.

Each has linear voltage control as well, meaning that an increase in control voltage gives a proportional increase in output frequency.

While each LFO is initially configured as a sine wave, there are four jumpers on the back to switch between sine and pulse wave outputs. This can be handy for using one of the four LFOs as a clock, or if you just want a square wave LFO for some other reason.

The 6 HP expander gives you three more LFO outputs, in a controlled phase relationship with the LFO to which they are connected. That is, each of the outputs is delayed by a certain percentage of the LFO cycle.

  • The first output ranges from 0–180º, or from unison to a half cycle delay.
  • The second ranges from 90–270º, or from a quarter cycle to three quarter cycle delay.
  • And the last ranges from 180–360º, or from a half cycle to a full cycle delay.

The Phase expander can be useful for creating interesting rhythmic modulations, or when the LFO is configured as a square wave, giving you three phases of a sine wave LFO synced to a clock.

The Quad LFO retails at $239, and the LFO Phase Expander retails at $99. Find out more on the New Systems Instruments website.

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