New Robotic Bean Portatron Tape Synthesizer



Robotic Bean’s Portatron promises PortaStudio mojo in a 4-track tape loop plugin


Robotic Bean’s new Portatron plugin channels the PortaStudio sound and serves as a 4-track tape loop machine that enables you to combine your own samples or use the hundreds that are included in the library. Your loops can follow your DAW’s playback – as a ‘drone’ or restarting every bar, second bar or fourth bar – or you can play them monophonically in a Mellotron style on your MIDI keyboard.


Create playable tape loops that wobble and hiss like in the old days


Portatron enables you to adjust the likes of the tape speed, noise, dropouts, wobble and start/stop lag, and you can switch between normal and chrome tape for different noise types and frequency response. Pushing the Drive control, enables you to dial in the characteristic saturation and compression you’d get from recording a signal ‘hot’ to tape.


Other features include delay and reverb send effects, plus EQ, level and pan controls on each track. The supplied samples cover the likes of piano, vibraphone, vocals and synths.




  • Four tracks of sample playback
  • Library Sound Bank with patches and samples included
  • Realistic lofi tape sound with
  • Noise
  • Dropouts
  • Wobble
  • Normal/Chrome setting
  • Tape Speed from 0-200%
  • Delay and Reverb Send Effects
  • Drive, EQ, Level and Pan on each track
  • Tape Editor with resize, move, repeat and reverse of samples
  • 3 Locators
  • Return To Zero (RTZ)
  • Auto-RTZ on Key
  • Auto-RTZ every 1, 2, or 4 bars
  • VST3, AU and AAX formats


Portatron is available now for the introductory price of $89, normal price $129. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and you can find out more and download a demo on the Robotic Bean website.



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