New Modules from Noise Lab Sweden at Superbooth 2023

Noiselab has introduced Tailgater, a new Eurorack module that is designed to convert any incoming monophonic audio signal to a 1V/octave CV that can be used to control the pitch on your VCOs and filters.

The tracking is precise, very fast, and spans over six octaves, which means it covers both electric guitars and basses.

The company will also be previewing three other modules that are to be released soon.

  • Circula is a 12HP, 4 channel CV and Gate sequencer, with a host of features, including Euclidean Rhythms, step sequencer, fugue generator, scales, external CV and clock control, and more.
  • Rumbler is a 14HP analog drum module that features the kick, snare, and hats, as well as some “extra goodies”.
  • Wrinkler MK2 is an updated wavefolder with a feature set that they say “you won’t find in any other folder out there.”

Find out more on the Noiselab website.

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