New Jupiter-4 Software Synthesizer brings more solar system synth power to the Roland Cloud


The Jupiter-4 was the first Roland’s polyphonic synth to bear the gigantic gas giant’s name. Released in 1978, now it has arrived as a plugin on the Roland Cloud, and is also being made available as a Plug-Out for the System-8 keyboard.


Jupiter-4 features straightforward front panel and warm sound, a single VCO, a filter, an LFO section and more. Roland has modelled all of these features using its ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) technology, which promises to emulate not only each individual element, but also the way they interact with each other.


Other enhancements include new Circuit Mod and Condition controls that enable you to adjust the character of the sound to suit your taste, extended oscillator range, adjustable noise, velocity sensitivity, sub-oscillator volume control and an arpeggiator.


In addition, phaser, flanger, overdrive, reverb and delay effects also join the classic Ensemble chorus from the Jupiter-4


The Jupiter-4 plugin is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. The Plug-Out functionality, enables you to upload the synth to your System-8 keyboard and use it away from your computer.


The Jupiter-4 plugin is part of Roland’s Legendary series and can be accessed by Pro ($99/year) and Ultimate ($199/year) subscribers to its Roland Cloud service. Pro subscribers get access to two Legendary titles, while Ultimate subscribers get full access to all titles.


Jupiter-4 plugin also included in the Analog Polysynth Collection, a new Legendary series bundle that also features ‘lifetime keys’ for the Jupiter-8, Juno-60, JX-3P and Juno-106 plugins.

Find out more on the Roland website.


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