New Film, Resynator, Resurrects Long Lost ’70s Synthesizer

Resynator is a new documentary, and “synth resurrection project”, by director Alison Tavel that tells the story of a ‘lost’ synthesizer design of the 1970s, and its rediscovery.

The Resynator was invented by the Tavels’s late father Don Tavel in the ‘70s. Alison Tavel found the synth in her grandmother’s attic, 25 years after her father’s death, and has been on a mission to share it with the world ever since.

The Resynator is an instrument-controlled, monophonic, rack-mount analog/digital hybrid synthesizer. Invented by Don Tavel and engineered by Mike Beigel, the synthesizer can track the pitch of anything from the lowest note on a bass to the highest note of a piccolo.

The new documentary had its world premiere at SXSW in March, and won the Documentary Feature Audience Award. Details on screenings are to be announced. See the film website for more information.

Film Summary:

“In unearthing the revolutionary synthesizer her late father invented in the 1970s, Alison Tavel not only revives his mission to share it with the world, she unexpectedly forges a deep bond with the father she never got the chance to know.”

Directed by Alison Tavel

Executive Producer Grace Potter

Produced by Jon Lullo, Brendan Walter, Kathryn Robson, Sara Nesson, Christopher Noviello, Barbara McDonough

Edited by Kathryn Robson, Chris Gibson

Music by Chris Ruggiero

Animation by Danny Madden



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