New Eurorack Brand, Vostok Instruments, debuts 4 Multi-Channel Analog Modules

Barcelona-based Vostok Instruments let us know that they have introduced a new line of Eurorack modules.

The brand has launched with four multi-channel analog modules. The modules have been created with live systems in mind, and are designed to add a big amount of functionality in a small space, while still keeping the user interface clean.

The Vostok Instruments Eurorack modules debuted in the latest Divkid video, embedded above.

The 4 new modules include:

  • Sena: This is a four-channel VCO with a dedicated waveform modifier per channel and an analog noise bank with different noise colors. 14HP width. Price: 280 euros. (Tax. Excluded)
  • Fuji: a six-channel analog AD envelope generator with Hold and LFO mode per channel in 10HP. Price: 160 euros. (Tax. Excluded)
  • Ceres: a six-channel linear VCA and mixer based on the 3360 IC in also 10HP. Price: 160 euros. (Tax. Excluded)
  • Asset: a six-channel bipolar attenuator and offset generator in 10HP. Price: 160 euros. (Tax. Excluded)

All the modules are immediately available at the official dealers. More detailed information is available at the Vostok website.

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