New Eurorack ADDAC713 Stereo Discrete Mixer, ‘Inspired by the Moog CP3’


‘Inspired by the Moog CP3’. ADDAC System deliver their take on a modular classic. Their new Eurorack mixer module promises to be “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”


The Moog CP3 is a modular classic. The ‘Console Panel 3’ features four inputs, simple dial controls for level and a pair of outputs. There is a simple click filter and four CV inputs for modulating signals.


It’s that simple, but this module plays a big part in creating the famous Moog ‘big sound’ with propensity to head into overdrive, fattening up sounds, being particularly effective for adding high end fizz to sine- and sawtooth-based wave shapes.


In long-established Eurorack form, ADDAC’s new ADDAC713 Stereo Discrete Mixer is a fully discrete analog mixer “that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, promise its makers.


In addition, they promise “a dark, snarly soul behind the control panel that will take your sounds into a new realm of gritty, gnarly growls.” Sounds perfect.


The new unit was initially developed as a stereo percussion mixer with mono inputs and panning:- note that panning and stereo are absent from the CP3, however, the developers expanded the idea giving stereo inputs to the first three channels while keeping the fourth in classic mono.


The four gain controls can be driven to extremes while the Feedback Gain control can overdrive the entire mix. As feedback increases, the audio bias reference also moves up so that at extreme levels it offsets the entire signal until it begins clipping producing a gate effect.


Metering enables you to see just how far you are pushing it – is provided by two LEDs on the output.


In addition, there is the CP3’s ‘Anti Click’ switch on board, which adds a low pass before the output (in three different selectable flavours) to smooth out any nasty blips.


The ADDAC713 Stereo Discrete Mixer is available now, in a fully-built box priced at €220. The DIY self-build kit would be available soon.


Find out more on the ADDAC System website.


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