Nervous Squirrel introduces 2 Unusual New Eurorack Modules

Dave Cranmer at Nervous Squirrel let us know that they’ve introduced two unusual new modules for Eurorack modular systems.

The String Thing is a three-axis performance controller. A joystick has CV outputs for up/down and left/right, and pulling the ring varies the third CV output. Different sounds are created depending on the position of the end of the string in 3D space.

Cranmer notes that “This module works well as a pair,” giving you six axes of control with two hands.

The Zeno’s Paradox is a clock divider module that goes way beyond what typical clock dividers can do, letting you divide a signal down to over a billion (1,073,741,824). To get a sense of what this means, a clock signal input at a frequency of 1Hz will cause the last LED to flash about once every 34 years. The clock input responds to frequencies up to around 18kHz, though.

When used as a clock divider, the module can be useful as a method of generating timed events that happen occasionally, or very occasionally.

The module can be also used as a sub oscillator, if a clean audio rate wave is fed into the clock input. The input can be any repeating wave shape, and will produce a series of square wave outputs, each one octave below the other.

Feeding other audio sources (drums etc) into the clock will produce crunchy lo-fi oddness from the outputs. and patching white noise into the clock input produces a series of increasingly filtered noise sources at the outputs.

The modules are available now, with the String Thing priced at £290, and the Zenos Paradox priced at £190.


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