Native Instruments Playbox, “instant solution to writer’s block”



Native Instruments releases Playbox, a new Kontakt-based software instrument that is designed to kickstart your workflow and refresh your creativity.


Playbox is the brainchild of Antonio de Spirt, Mickaël Le Goff and Nadine Raihani.


Roll the dice to create unique sounds


This is an instrument that is designed for everyone, regardless of their previous music-making experience.


Combining chord generation, sample layering and elements of chance, Playbox promises to produce unique sounds that you can play with just one finger. Roll the dice and it will randomise and blend between 905 samples, 224 chord sets, and 217 effects presets.


As well as playing the supplied content, users can also import up to 450 of their own samples, which are automatically repitched to the notes of a chord.



Here’s what they say:


“Our goal as creators was to establish a sound library that didn’t just focus on one specific sound, but instead explored the full spectrum of sounds available to us, and embraced the happy accidents you come across when working with randomisation.”


“A beginner can press one button, quickly randomise, and come across an interesting sound that can inspire their entire workflow,” explains Mickaël Le Goff. “With the same instrument, more advanced users can really dig into Playbox’s possibilities by adding their own samples and creating something brand new.”


Playbox is available now for PC and Mac priced at $149/£129/€149, until April 24. You can also get it as part of NI’s Komplete Now subscription service.


Find out more on the Native Instruments website.



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