Mystic Circuits Releases ANA 2 Module

Mystic Circuits has introduced the ANA 2, an update version of their analog logic module for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

“When the parts shortage forced companies to make hard decisions about redesigning their products and raising prices, we decided to take the time to do a proper reworking of ANA from the ground up,” notes Mystic Circuits’ Eli Pechman. “I think that the time we took to get everything right shows.”

The Ana 2 is designed to generate nine different analog logic operations in tandem, from two input signals. Each input channel features a processing section that attenuverts, adds, or multiplies up to six inputs before being sent to the cross modulation circuits.

Ana performs a wide variety of functions including mixing, boolean logic, rectifying, cross-fading, voltage sampling, ring modulating, gate converting, wave shaping and more.

The Mystic Circuits ANA 2 is available now for $225.


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