Moon Modular introduces Filters From The West & East

Ahead of Superbooth 2024, Moon Modular has introduced two new Moog format filter modules, inspired by modules from the West and East.

The first module, the M518 Voltage Controlled Low Pass Gate, is inspired the classic Don Buchla Low Pass Gate design, part of his Series 200 modular system from around 1970, and a core part of ‘West Coast’ synthesis.

The Moon 518 module features a switchable combination of a low pass filter circuit with voltage controllable cutoff frequency and a VCA (here called “Gate”). Both functions work separately or in combination.

The filter resonance is also voltage controllable. The low pass filter slope is 12 dB/oct.

The second module, the M509 Voltage Controlled Low Pass/Band Pass Filter, is inspired by the filter of the Formanta Radio Factory Polivoks synthesizer from 1982.

The Moog M509 features a switchable band pass/low pass filter, with voltage-controllable cutoff frequency, and as an enhancement of the original voltage-controlled regeneration. The filter slope in low pass mode is 12 dB/oct, in band pass mode 6 dB/oct.

The two modules expand Moon’s filter lineup to a total of 6 modules, plus their Modular Six-Band Voltage Controlled Filter Bank.

Both modules are expected to be available by the end of April 2024, priced at €269 (incl. the German VAT of 19%) or €217.89 export price. Find out details on the Moon Modular website.

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