Moog Spectravox Analog Spectral Processor – Shut Up & Play

Alex Theakston of Mylar Melodies – In his lastest video – offers a series of creative audio demos of the Moog Spectravox, introduced ahead of Superbooth 2024.

The video demonstrates using the Spectravox to vocode, as a filterbank, as a synth voice, as an effects processor and more.

The Moog Spectravox is an analog spectral processor based around a 10-band filter bank. Spectravox can create lively drones and colorful tonal sweeps on its own, or add resonant depth and “psychedelic spectral movement” to any external sound. Connect a microphone, and Spectravox becomes a 10-band analog vocoder, with innovative integrated modulation of all of its filters.

The Spectravox was originally introduced as the Engineering Workshop project at Moogfest 2019. A key difference in the updated design is that the sliders of the original have been swapped for a row of pots, making room for additional patch points.

Here’s an index of the examples in the video:

00:00 Sneak preview of examples
00:45 Explaining How Spectravox Works
02:04 Spectravox as a Filterbank
04:14 Vocoding a DFAM
05:11 Spectravox as a Synth Voice
07:17 LFO to Spectrally Shift my Voice
07:41 Turning Drum Sounds into Hellscapes
09:35 Completely Remapping My Voice
11:09 Turning my voice into a bassline & snare
12:59 Integrating Eurorack

Watch the video and share your thoughts on the Spectravox in the comments!


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