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Looks like Moog have had enough of the Pitch & Modulation Wheel. And they are now spinning their latest option – the color wheel! The latest edition is only going to get better as it will be available in Green and Purple!

Since the release, the Moog Little Phatty has become the go-to piece of equipment for many artists. And with additions like Digital Control on the OSC, CV & USB, who could argue against it? The new features including; MIDI over USB, MIDI Clock Sync, Tap Tempo and the Arpeggiator in the Little Phatty Stage II make it a modern music powerhouse.

The MIDI Clock Sync allows you to synchronize the LFO and arpeggiator rate to the tempo of your MIDI sequencer, drum machine or software. Sample and hold, triangle, square, sawtooth and ramp wave modulations can now be perfectly timed with your rhythm tracks and the arpeggiator.

The arpeggiator is a great new performance feature with applications for musicians in all genres. Its wide variety of uses is sure to find a place in any style, and of course it also syncs to MIDI clock. Tap Tempo brings LFO and arpeggiator tempo sync functionality to situations in which there is no MIDI clock.

The ability to use the Stage II’s innovative interface as a versatile general MIDI controller make Moog Little Phatty – Stage II an incredible tool for both performance and the studio.

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