Modal Electronics virtual analog synth, The Cobalt5S Available Now!



Modal Electronics announces the Cobalt5S, a portable virtual analogue synth. The compact 37-note keyboard can be used “wherever and whenever inspiration strikes”


Modal Electronics is flexing its virtual analogue muscles again with the launch of the Cobalt5S, a “go-anywhere” synth that’s designed with portability in mind.


Powered over USB (so you can use a power bank if you wish), the Cobalt5S has a 37-note mini keyboard with aftertouch and offers five voices, two independent algorithm groups and up to eight oscillators per voice. In addition, there are 40 algorithms including sync, ring modulation and waveform morphing.


The self-oscillating 4-pole morphable ladder filter is the same as the one featured in the Cobalt8, while three envelopes can be used on the filter, amp or modulation destinations. There is one polyphonic LFO and one global LFO, along with an 8-slot modulation matrix.




Other features – On the performance front, you have a 512-note realtime/step sequencer with four animation lanes, along with a programmable 32-step arpeggiator. There is MPE controller support, as well, while onboard control options include 16 rotary encoders and an X/Y/Z touchpad.


If you want to edit in software, you can do so via the MODALapp, which runs on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.


The Cobalt5S is available now, priced at $489/£379/€449. Find out more on the Modal Electronics website.






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