Modal Electronics SKULPT SE Portable Synthesizer

A revised version of Skulpt is coming.


Modal Electronics today introduced Skulpt SE Portable Synthesizer. Modal Electronics says that Skulpt SE is the most affordable MPE hardware synth available today.


Modal Electronics has taken the original Skulpt portable synth back to the drawing board and returned with the Skulpt SE, offering the same compact form factor as its predecessor, this replaces the grey and black touch keypads with more traditional black and white ones. The front panel descriptors have been made more legible, and the build quality has been improved.


User gets 127 brand-new patches and MPE support – something that was added to the original Skulpt via a firmware update. The sound architecture consists of two Wave groups per voice, each with four oscillators. This enables user to smoothly sweep between waveforms, and there is additional oscillator modulation, as well. There are also state-variable 2-pole filters – these can morph from low-pass through to bandpass and high-pass – and three envelopes. The two LFOs – one global and one polyphonic, can be synced to internal or external tempo, and there are integrated delay and distortion effects.


Additionally, the Skulpt SE also comes with an integrated sequencer and arpeggiator, and you can polychain up to four of the devices or the original Skulpt, to create a 16-voice virtual analogue sound engine. In-depth sound and editing and management can be done using the Modal Electronics app, which runs on all major computer and mobile platforms and is VST/AU compatible. The presets from the original Skulpt can be accessed from the Modal Electronics website.


Find out more on the Modal Electronics website.


The Skulpt SE Synthesizer  now available.


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