Modal Electronics Filton, a Eurorack Dual Analogue Ladder Filter


Modal Electronics tests the Eurorack waters with Filton, a 20HP dual analogue transistor ladder filter module – a Moog-style dual analogue ladder filter.


New 20HP module is a Kickstarter exclusive. It is based on the design of the classic Moog ladder filter. Filton promises to deliver saturated transistor overdrive, resonant harmonic peaks and warm analogue timbres. It also features the ‘polesweeping’ that Modal introduced in its 002 synth, which enables seamless filter morphing from four-pole through bandpass to one-pole 6db per octave, and everything in between.


In fact, Filton is based on the same circuitry as the 002’s filter, though the design has been altered to improve stability and sound. Additionally, the dual architecture means that you get two filters, which enable you to process two sounds independently or a single sound using both filters in series or parallel.


Each of these filters has an audio output, four analogue CVs with attenuvertor controls for FM, Resonance, Morph and Level, pitch tracking provided by the 1V/Oct input, an audio output and a mixed output.


All CV inputs on Filter A have been ‘normalled’ to Filter B, meaning any CV signal plugged into Filter A is automatically sent to Filter B if nothing is plugged into the corresponding input.

Filton is available exclusively on Kickstarter priced at £299. As such, it’ll only be released if the £50,000 funding target is reached.

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