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The Minimoog Voyager XL is a new addition to Minimoog and synthesizer family. The NEW! Minimoog Voyager XL Synthesizer is a monophonic analogue performance and production synthesizer. The semi-modular synthesizer is designed to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog and to mark an important milestones in the Moog synthesizer legacy. Based on the Model D and legacy sound engine, it incorporates the entire sound resources and functions of Minimoog Model D and Voyager, including exclusive features from high-end Moog’s modular synthesizers legacy.

The Minimoog Voyager XL features a 100% analogue sound engine, 61-note velocity sensitive keyboard with after-pressure and is identical to the Voyager 44-note keyboard, extensive front-panel patchability, a 500mm ribbon controller with pitch and Gate CV Outputs, touch surface controller, pot mapping and a host of MIDI control functionality.

Under the hood, the notable Minimoog Voyager XL‘s intuitive user interface, touch surface and rugged design make it incredibly ideal for today’s performance, sound design and production. The high-end musical instrument is akin to a monster analogue mono-synthesizer.

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