Manatee 4-Part Multitimbral ‘Unashamedly Digital’ MPE Synthesizer by Frédéric Meslin

Developer Frédéric Meslin has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Manatee, an advanced multitimbral MPE synth that he says has an ‘unabashedly digital’ sound.

Manatee is a new multitimbral digital synthesizer, with polyphony ranging from 10 to 16 voices (depending on patch complexity), 4 parts, MPE support and more.

What Frédéric Meslin say about it:


“Featuring a unique take on Spectral Synthesis in combination with a fine selection of classic Virtual Analog and 2-OP FM algorithms that can be influenced by many modulations options, the Manatee engine covers a lot of sonic ground.

Powered by 2x dual-core 200MHz 16 bit DSPs, Manatee offers a MINIMUM of 10 voices of digital madness, spreadable over 4 independent MIDI parts, to play full arrangements or generate massive and complex sound layers when stacking them.

With an ergonomic, hands-on user interface, carefully designed to expose all major synthesis parameters at immediate reach, Manatee is simply a joy for the sound-design enthusiasts, composers, live performers and all electronic musicians.”

Manatee Audio Demos:

The Manatee is available to project backers starting at €544.

*Note that crowdfunded projects can involve risk. See the project website for details.

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