Make Noise Announces 2 New Modules, PrssPnt + Channel Saver

Today, Make Noise announced two new Eurorack modules: PrssPnt and Channel Saver.

PrssPnt is a controller in which several signals are generated by touching the printed copper wire at the bottom of the instrument. Touching PrssPnt, you become part of the circuit, and generate a total of four simultaneous signals (two CV, two Gate).

The basic function of PrssPnt will be familiar to anyone who has used Pressure Points or 0-CTRL. It could be seen as a single “souped-up” channel of one of these devices. Since it is a single channel, the tuned voltage outputs are not relevant, and instead are replaced with more playable sensitivity controls and alternate pressure and gate outputs.


  • Momentary Gate output remains high as long as it is being pressed
  • Toggled Gate output goes high and low with each successive press of the plate: press it to make it go high, press it again to make it go low
  • Pressure output generates a positive control signal proportional to the amount of Pressure applied, further tailored by the Sensitivity Panel Control
  • Smooth Touch Function recreates the useful patch of sending a Pressure Output through a carefully tuned slew limiter for extended function generation
  • Turning up the Slew amount will allow for larger than life functions with very long decay to be generated by hand.
  • All four outputs available simultaneously

Channel Saver is a small utility module, offering several channels of signal-processing that will be useful in just about any modular system.

They describe it as “a condensation/extension of the sum/offset/attenuversion aspects of MATHS”,


  • Scale, amplify, attenuate, or invert an incoming signal using Channels 1 or 2
  • Generate DC offsets when Channel 1 or 2 is unpatched
  • Crossfade between two signals, or attenuate one signal, using Channel 3
  • SUM and INVerted Sum Bus for addition, subtraction, mirroring, inversion etc.
  • Individual Channel Outputs for Channels 1 and 2 allow independent use of all three channels

Both modules are shipping to dealers now. PrssPnt is 4HP with an MSRP of $89 and Channel Saver is 6HP with an MSRP of $99.



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