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The M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 USB MIDI Controller features Advanced 49-key Trutech semi-weighted, piano-style keyboard, with HyperControl Technology. The difference between HyperControl technology and other controllers technology being that they merely offer mappings, whereas, HyperControl synchronizes Axiom Pro 49 with DAW to ensure that both hardware and software work hand in hand to form a single work environment while at the same time constantly maintains a live link between them.  

The Axiom Pro 49 also features assignable buttons for instant access to all your DAW playback and recoding, transport-only mode for you to access DAW transport and Track Navigation while simultaneously enables you to create and control your MIDI assignments for the buttons, trigger pads, sliders and encoders, all via HyperControl technology. In fact, the Axiom Pro keyboard controller line is the first to combine MIDI control with ASCII keystrokes.

The M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 is perfect for producing on a budget. The MIDI keyboard looks very sturdy and I find the keyboard to be very playable. At this price range, the instrument is very appealing because similar controllers from other manufacturers seems to be more expensive.

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