LPZW & Tubbutec Intro 6m0d6 – the Roland TR-606 Inspired Eurorack Module


LPZW and Tubbutec have introduced the 6m0d6, a new Eurorack percussion module that builds on the classic sound of the Roland TR-606.




  • All original 606 sounds, analogue
  • Many additional parameters for each sound
  • Multiple trigger, accent and volume modes
  • Advanced metal and noise sound control
  • Multiple outputs and mix output
  • CV control for multiple parameters
  • MIDI input for drum trigger and sound control
  • Compatible with Tubbutec 6equencer via LINK
  • Eurorack, 3U, 24HP, 25mm depth, weight: 350g


Here’s what they have say about it:


“The 6m0d6 is based on the famous TR-606 and indeed can sound like one, but it is so much more.


With the turn of a knob you can explore completely new soundscapes, ranging from organic retro drum sounds to industrial sound effects – while still maintaining that ‘606’ feel.”


The 6m0d6 expands on the original 606 voices, giving you additional parameters that let you go far beyond the original’s sound. But if you want to recreate the sound of the original, settings are marked on the faceplate.


The 6m0d6 is available to pre-order for €509,24  and is expected to ship in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022.



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