Liquid Sky d-vices introduces 4VCO & GLITHc Eurorack Modules

At Superbooth 2023 (and not at Superbooth 2023), Liquid Sky introduced new Eurorack modules.

They planned on debuting two new modules at the event, but fate got in the way:

When our manufacturing partner in Riga sent the “zero series” of our modules 14 days ago for demo video productions and demoing the products at the Superbooth Berlin, we whimsically mused about placing 27 candles in the Cathedral Of Acid to ensure a smooth delivery.

Alas, fate played its tricks, and the modules failed to arrive on time. Consequently, our dazzling new “V4CO” and its accompanying “GLITHc” expander won’t be showcased at the Superbooth. If only we had genuinely lit those stoopid 27 candles in the fkkn Cathedral Of Acid!

They did share details on the new modules, though: The Liquid Sky d-vices V4CO is a dual 8 bit wavetable oscillator, each with separate subbass.


  • Hard sync
  • 16 x 16 Waveforms – different for each OSC
  • Each module has a base (16 x 6) set and an unique set (16 x 10) of waveforms
  • Single outputs for each OSC / SUBOSC and mix output (w/o SUBOSC)
  • Analog VCA for each oscillator
  • Analog overdrive controllable via VCA
  • Audio / LFO Mode for each OSC
  • Waveform shuffle
  • REAL 8 BIT Sound
  • Detuning Function
  • 8 Oktaven
  • Quantizer (Chromatic)
  • complex Waveform-LFO

The Liquid Sky d-vices GLITHc BOARD eXPENDR for V4CO is “a complex glitch lab”.


  • Real circuit bending (you actually manipulate the internal routing)
  • Bit-manipulation of
    • individual bits for Wave and Bank select
    • individual bits of actual wavetable
  • 4 Logic functions: AND/OR/NAND/NOR
  • 3 mini non consecutive sequencer for
    • BANK/WAVE Sequencing
    • manipulating Wavetables
  • Multiples
  • MIDI + 3 Thru


  • V4CO : €499 plus vat plus shipping.
  • GLITHc : €699 plus vat plus shipping
  • V4CO & GLITHc = €999 (Introduction set price limited to 100 units)

Preorders starts now for V4CO & GLITHc. The shipping date for the modules is September 1st, 2023.


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