Kurzweil K2600 Synthesizer

Kurzweil musical instruments have always been known for their robust and superb sound quality. Built on the acclaimed V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) technology, the Kurzweil K2600 Synthesizer has been professionals’ choice worldwide including the United States Government. The K2600 is both a full-fledged workstation and midi controller and fully compatible with Kurzweil’s K2 models. It can be easily upgraded and interfacing the K2600 with other equipment is a breeze The K2600 features 76-note semi-weighted Portable Keyboard.

The K2600 workstation enable musicians to complete a project from conception to final matters without leaving the K2600 environment. The K2600’s Triple Mode offers 126 sound shaping algorithms and in-series processing of VAST layers. Kurzweil also conducted a researched on majority musicians expectations and demands from around the world. The K2600 is built to accommodate new features that musicians around the world have asked for. The exclusive KDFX and KB-3 organ mode are available on all K2600; allowing digital effects processing to any signal and allows musicians to blend harmonics in real-time to create and control unique new timbres. The 4Mb flash ROM makes setting-up and upgrading system twice as fast.

This full-fledged MIDI controller has a wealth of assignable control sources. There are nineteen physical controllers; (8) sliders, (1) pitch wheel, (1) mod wheel, (2) buttons, (4) foot switch pedal inputs, (2) continuous control pedal inputs, (2) ribbon controllers and (1) breath-controller input and they are  all assignable. The 600mm ribbon controller is fully programmable. An expressive pressure strip, centered above the keyboard, can be programmed in three zones or one long zone to provide a “touch and hold” facility. A short pressure strip and two buttons near the pitch and mod wheels add dramatically to the instruments’ expressiveness. The front panel also incorporates eight independently assignable sliders, requirement for MIDI sliders, and sequencer buttons. The K2600 provides additional controller inputs and interfacing; 4 foot switch pedal inputs, 2 continuous control pedal inputs and 1 breadth-controller. The breadth-controller input is compatible to Yamaha breadth-controllers.

The K2600 features a wide selection of programs for musicians to choose from and locating program(s) is fast and easy. The K2600 is compatible to third-party sound libraries like disk or CD-ROM and also compatible to other manufactures’ sample libraries. In another word, Kurzweil owners can have access to the largest sound library in the world. The K2600 flexibility, easy and unlimited access to upgrade operating system allows your synthesizer to keep up with the latest technology. In addition, the multitude of flexibility makes the Kurzweil K2600 an ideal MIDI controller for MIDI production.

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