Korg Wavestate 2.0 Adds User Sample Support, Patch Editor & Librarian and More

Korg today released wavestate v2.0, a major update to their wave sequencing synthesizer that adds support for user samples, a patch editor & librarian, new performance features and more.


What’s new in Korg wavestate 2.0:


  • Support for User Samples – Import up to 4 GB of your own Multi-samples into the wavestate via the new Sample Builder application for Mac and Windows. Use your samples in Wave Sequences or as single Multi-samples, just like the factory Multi-samples.
  • Editor/Librarian – The Editor/Librarian acts as a second front panel for the wavestate. Realtime display of modulated parameter values and Wave Sequences gives you instant feedback on your creations. Copy and paste sounds, envelopes, LFOs, filter settings, and more. Dive deep into Effects with access to all internal parameters and create your own Effects Presets.
  • User-requested improvements
    • The new Performance-level Hold feature (via SHIFT-ARP) keeps notes or chords playing, leaving your hands free for moving knobs or playing other instr
    • Fit to Scale lets you constrain the Pitch Lane’s output to a specific scale and key—especially useful when playing polyphonically.
    • Get to your sounds faster. Select Categories for Performances, Programs, Multi-samples, Wave Sequences, and Lanes directly from buttons 1-16. The new “User” Category lets you mark your own sounds, and dual Categories mean that a sound can be assigned to both “User” and “Strings” (for example).
  • Explore Vector Synthesis – The new Curve parameter lets you control the way that Vector Volume crossfades between points. For maximum volume, use Loud (the original wavestate behavior); for more gentle crossfades, use Smooth (the original Wavestation behavior).
  • Other refinements – New gain-scaling options bring out the tonal range of the MS-20 and Polysix filters, and user interface improvements streamline your sound design.


Korg Wavestate 2.0 Hands-On Demo

In his latest video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at Korg Wavestate 2.0.

“In this video, I cover the main new features and explore a few ways to make the most of them, including how to create drum kits and to use Wavestate as a wavetable synth,” notes Eliraz.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro

1:10 What’s new

1:40 Editor

5:40 Sample builder

8:20 Loop points

9:15 Banks

11:50 Pitch scales

12:50 Perf. hold


14:25 Multisampling

16:30 Drum kits

18:05 Wavetables

19:55 Phasing loops

22:55 Pros & cons

24:55 Outro

Korg wavestate software 2.0, the Editor/Librarian, and Sample Builder are available now to wavestate owners as free downloads.



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