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Korg Volca Bass Analog Bass Machine

And now … well, now there’s Volca, three new instruments covering keys, bass and beats – in name and function. The three new instruments are both more value-packed and more capable, complete with (at last) MIDI input ports that let you connect other gear. Volca Keys, Volca Bass, and Volca Beats each focus in on a specific sound design task, while sharing common sequencing and sync features, and tidy bodies with big touch strips. They’re self-contained music instruments;complete with speakers, but also play nicely with each other and other gear.

Three true-analog synthesizers with built-in sequencers to generate the ultimate analog leads, basses, and rhythm.

Korg Volca Keys – Analogue Loop Synth. The ideal introductory synthesizer, with a simple – yet powerful – polyphonic analog sound engine and loop sequencer. This 27-key analog lead synth delivers unbelievably powerful sound in a compact body.

The delay is not the same as the one on the earlier Monotrons. The new delay is actually running on the microcontroller, a custom-implemented delay routine squeezed into the Volca’s processor cycles. And it’s irresitable, capable of whipping up spacey ambient dubs from your synth leads.

Sync is a blast – and you can sync up other monothings, too. You can connect minijacks to sync these different instruments, including both Volcas and Korg Monotribe. Now, you can also sync from MIDI in – and then use that to clock something else from the sync port.

Slide touch makes the sequencers more usable. Slide along the touch strip, and you can quickly silence and mute drum parts on the Volca Beats, for instance. You can also use Active Step to add and remove steps on bass and beats, and hop around the sequence on beats with Step Jump for rhythmic effects. It makes the beats and bass really performance-ready.

Volca Beats has added some sound features that keep things fresh. The “grain” parameter adjusts the digital wavetable on the hat, and can make some glitchy, tight sounds. PCM Speed creates some creative effects, as well, for other digital timbres. And the Stutter effect can be tuned to all kinds of different results.

You’ll get deep bass when you want it. With all three, I was impressed in better acoustic environments by the sounds of the bass drums and bass lines.

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