Korg Unveils The Next Prototype For The Experimental Instrument Acoustic Synthesis Phase8 at Superbooth

At Superbooth 2024, being held May 16-18 in Berlin, Korg Berlin is showcasing their latest prototype of the Acoustic Synthesis_phase8.

The Korg Acoustic Synthesis_phase8 is an electronically controlled acoustic instrument, that is part melodic synthesizer, part drum machine.

What makes it acoustic? You and the environment interact physically with the instrument. You can even mute, pluck or interfere with the resonators to sculpt the sound.

Here’s how it works:

  • Acoustic Synthesis unites the sonic richness of real physically vibrating bodies with electronic control.
  • The vibrating bodies in this prototype are a set of metallic resonators. Their geometries have been tuned so they vibrate at specific frequencies.
  • Like in a piano, the resonator is hit it with a hammer, except Korg’s hammer is electromagnetic. This provides very precise control over when and how the resonators are struck.

An unofficial audio demo, via Bonedo Synthesizers:


  • 8 independent electromechanical voices
  • Sequencer with polyrhythmic shifting
  • Waveshaping, Tremolo and EG control
  • Replaceable and tunable resonators
  • Mechanical sound shaping possibilities

Korg Berlin introduced the phase8’s predecessor, the Acoustic Synthesis_phase5, at Superbooth 2023. The phase5 was positioned as a demonstration of Acoustic Synthesis as a technology.

The Acoustic Synthesis_phase8 is being positioned as a product prototype. Korg notes, “We expect many similarities between this and the eventual product release. While there are details to be ironed out, as we adapt the design for mass-production, expect something along this trajectory.

They plan to debut the production version at Superbooth 2025.


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