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The new Korg PS60 keyboard gives musicians quick access to sounds. The keyboard instrument is created with the performer in mind, and have been optimized for the unique challenges and immediacy of playing live. Designed to fulfil the demand of gigging keyboardists, the Performance Synthesizer features 61 full size Semi-weighted keys, Natural Touch keyboard, LCD display; – with backlit, 440 built-in sounds; 6 categories – Acoustic  Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Strings, Brass, and Synth, 120 voices Polyphony – single mode, Effects; 71 types – Insert , Master, Reverb/ Delay, and EQ Effects, new Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated (EDS-i) sound engine.

The Korg PS60 is able to satisfy the most discerning keyboardists as the keyboard is ready for anything from a piano performance to delivering sizzling synthesizer sounds. The 440 spot-on sounds were created using the new Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated (EDS-i) sound engine and the sounds are categorized into six categories, and each category has dedicated controls for ease of use. To play, simply click the On button in the bank of your choice and use the Up/Down arrows or the rotary encoder under the LCD to scroll through the presets. To the right of the sound selection buttons you can enhance the sounds with effects and EQ. The latter features dials to enhance or cut bass, mid and treble, while the Modulation effect offers a choice of Chorus, Flanger, Phaser or Vintage Flanger/Phaser. The Reverb section provides Hall, Plate, Room and Delay options. Both of the effects sections also feature real-time knobs for enhancement, so changing reverb length or chorus speed, for instance, is a breeze. On the left-hand side, is the Performance section, which provides further controls, switches and menus designed to make arranging and performing live gig more expressive and with ease. You can organize single sounds or layered/split sounds, complete with the effects settings, into Performances, and you can store 20 of them in internal memory for deeper editing or instant recall during live performances.

Additionally, the Korg PS60 weight merely 10.14 lbs. When it comes to accessing and editing tones during a gig, speed is everything. At the moment , besides Korg PS60 there is really no other keyboard instruments that could be easier to create a gig’s worth of sounds in a logical, step-by-step way. The portable keyboard is also ideal for gigging musicians on a budget. For gigging keyboardists who require much in control of their keyboard, a high-capable performance instrument that is light, fast enough and easy-to-use, the Korg PS60 Performance Synthesizer is the right choice.

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