Korg Opsix v2 Now Available!


Korg has released a major firmware update for the Opsix Altered FM Synthesizer.


What’s new in Korg Opsix v.2:


Effect Operator – When using this mode, the oscillator signal and input signal are fed into one of 10 different effects: Peaking EQ, Shelving EQ, Phaser, Short Delay, Comb Filter, Distortion, Drive, Decimator, Waveshaper & Punch.


Other enhancements include:


  • Noise Pink and Noise Blue have been added to the list of available oscillator waveforms.
  • Aftertouch is now selectable as a control source for LFOs, EGs, and the Virtual Patch.(*1)
  • Aftertouch can now be recorded and played back via the motion sequencer.(*1)
  • Midi clock sync is now more accurate.


New Preset Sounds – In addition, there are 100 new preset programs.


Audio Demos:



Korg Opsix v2.0 firmware is available now as a free download.





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