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The Monotron Delay must be a smashing success for Korg. Taking the single oscillator design of the original – Monotron, the Korg Monotron Delay features a Space Delay that can produce intensity, analog-like echo effect. This analogue effect adds a whole range of classic analogue delays, to bring out vintage synth vibe, or add crazy dub-style effects. The delay even recreates the pitch effects of changing delay time whilst in operation.

Rather than being limited to just one LFO shape, as on the original, the Monotron Delay now has a LFO that is switchable between a triangle and square wave shape. Sharing the speed and intensity LFO controls of its older brother, using these in conjunction with the delay now opens up a world of tonal possibilities. And, the ribbon is now switchable to a ‘ wide’ four-octave mode, for extreme pitch sweeps and dives.  The Monotron Delay is equipped with a speaker, a ribbon keyboard, five knobs, and a single switch for performance.

Additionally, the reversed white keys and body adornments glows under black light illumination, making the portable keyboard ideal for delivering a striking visual impact on stage – the possibilities are virtually endless.

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