Korg Limited Edition X50 Music Synthesizer

Korg introduces its Limited Edition model, the Korg X50 Music Synthesizer. The X50 is a lightweight and compact ultra- portable music synthesizer. This 9.48 lbs. music synthesizer is user friendly besides producing high quality and robust sound system. This professional tool is designed for computer musicians, producers and performers. The X50 features 61-key (velocity sensitive) and Korg’s HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis technology. The HI sound engine is similar to Korg’s TRITON series and the contemporary designed is perfect for active musicians.

The X50 comes with 512 sound programs and 384 combinations in a 64 MB PCM memory. There are also a range of effects to choose from; 2 master effects, 1 insert effect and 1 master EQ. The X50’s dual polyphonic arpeggiator will turn live performances extremely powerful with it’s incredible sounds and amazing clarity. The X50 has a function key for you to select a category sound at the shortest time. Arpeggiator settings, sounds and effects can also be adjust quickly using four simple knobs.

The Korg X50 incorporates cutting-edge connections, the first in its music workstation and family. The X50 allows musicians to select which specific parts of the sounds should be sent to the selected outputs. The X50 also provides a USB connector that lets musician establish MIDI connections with their computer using a single cable with no interface required. It also comes with an editor software to ease creating and organizing sounds using computer; A traditional stand-alone application and an innovative plug-in version (VST, AU, and RTAS formats supported) that can run within your DAW and MIDI sequencing software. Both versions are colorful, graphic-rich, and provide a wonderful interface for working with the X50 in all its modes. The Korg X50 Music Synthesizer add light and motion to your sounds.

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