Kodamo MASK1 Bitmask Synthesizer is Coming Soon (Sneak Preview)

Kodamo – makers of the EssenceFM synthesizer – shared a sneak preview of their upcoming MASK1, a polyphonic synthesizer which uses Kodamo’s exclusive Bitmask synthesis, combined with resonant filters.

In addition to a unique sound palette, ranging from classic analog sounds to gritty digital textures, the MASK1 offers unique performance options, by allowing note slurring and different articulations, depending on how you play.

The MASK1’s design takes inspiration from the late analog and early digital synths of the 80’s, but with an easy-to-use interface, without deep menu-diving. It features a looper, an arpeggiator, built-in effects, sound layering capabilities and more.

Kodamo MASK1 Atmospheric Patch Demo:

Kodamo MASK1 Atmospheric Analog Pluck Demo:


  • Synthesis type Bitmask, subtractive
  • Polyphony 10 voices with optimized allocation
  • Multitimbrality 4 parts (5 in layered/split mode)
  • Oscillators 2 bitmask per voice with 256 masks each, transpose and detune
  • Noise 1 per voice with programmable sample-and-hold frequency
  • Filter 1 per voice, two poles (12dB/oct) state variable, self-resonant with pitch tracking and 4 modes (low, high, band pass, notch)
  • Envelopes 4 loopable ADSR per voice (osc1, osc2, noise, filter), 3 delta-decay (osc1 mask, osc2 mask, pitch)
  • LFO 2 per part with 7 waveforms and noise, delay, decay and 16 destinations
  • Arpeggiator 26 patterns with adaptive or fixed chords, latchable, retrig or pitch change modes. Arp do send note events to MIDI out.
  • Looper Up to 10000 events, unlimited duration, single track. Records notes, pitch bend, mod wheel, aftertouch and sustain pedal.
  • Effects Two stereo effects in series. First effect: chorus, phaser, distortion, bitcrusher, tremolo and ring mod (64 types).
  • Second effect: delay, comb filter, reverb, room simulations and distortion (48 types)
  • Modulations Velocity (6 destinations), modulation wheel (16 destinations), aftertouch (16 destinations), LFO1 and LFO2 (16 destinations each)
  • Play modes Polyphonic, monophonic, slurred, mono portamento on legato, paraphonic, hHybrid poly-mono on legato, slurred paraphonic, mono retrigger, poly retrigger
  • Split Configurable split point, balance between voices, transpose, panning and tuning
  • Layer Configurable balance between voices, transpose, panning and tuning
  • Misc Voice pan spread, polyphonic portamento, keyboard envelope rate scaling
  • Memory 120 factory presets, 400 user voices. EEPROM-based (no battery required)
  • Audio outputs 2 balanced 1/4 inch TRS jack, pro audio level with +/-12V internal power supply, 1/4 inch jack headphones
  • MIDI 2 DIN (in, out), class-compliant USB type B, SysEx voice transmit/receive, CC-mapped voice parameters
  • Keyboard 61 full-size keys, weighted Fatar action with 6 velocity curves and 6 aftertouch curves
  • Controls 23 buttons, 2 rotary encoders, pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel
  • Display 4-digit red display
  • Pedal input Sustain, 1/4 inch TS jack, adaptive polarity
  • Tuning 400-470Hz. 6 temperaments including arabic tuning.
  • Size 89 x 26 x 8cm including knobs and feet.
  • Weight 7.5kg
  • Power External 12V DC adapter, AC 100-240V in
  • Chassis Powder-coated, screenprinted steel. Light grey (RAL 9002) color
  • Sides Black ABS

Kodamo MASK1 is expected to be available March 31, 2023, priced at €1908 /$2058.

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