Intellijel introduces Atlantix Eurorack Synth Voice & Atlx Expander

Intellijel has introduced Atlantix, the successor to their Atlantis all-in-one Eurorack voice module, inspired by the Roland SH-101.

The Intellijel Atlantix is a complete analog subtractive synth voice in 42HP. It provides all the fundamental building blocks needed to make sounds in Eurorack: VCOs, VCF, VCA, S&H, Noise, and an Envelope.

Atlantix features immediate, hands-on control, with 20 sliders, 4 knobs, 27 toggles, and 2 rotary switches. 32 patch points let you integrate the Atlantix deeply into modular systems. And the optional Atlx expander adds 16 additional patch points & ring mod.


  • Cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter with LP2, BP2, LP4, BP4, HP4, and Phaser modes
  • Two Triangle Core VCOs
  • VCO A: Thru-Zero FM with INDEX and PWM, Hard/Soft Sync, Octave switch
  • VCO B: Linear FM, LFO/VCO switch, Hard Sync, Octave switch
  • Suboscillator with three modes spanning two octaves
  • White and Pink noise sources
  • Six-channel mixer comprising VCO A Waveforms, Sub, Noise, and two Aux inputs
  • Aux inputs have switched normals with sources from VCO A and B for quick paraphonic play without patching
  • Mixer Aux 2 can be routed post-VCF / pre-VCA
  • Mod X and Y buses allow for quick modulation routing of VCO B, S&H, Noise, and feedback sources without patching
  • Both Mod X and Y buses have polarity and level-shifting switches
  • Analog ADSR envelope with three time ranges, manual gate, and level (velocity) input
  • Patchable Sample and Hold modulation source
  • Asymmetric and symmetric output distortion modes
  • 20 Sliders, 4 Knobs, 27 toggles, and 2 Rotary switches for expressive hands-on control
  • 32 Jacks for creative and complex patching options
  • 16 additional jacks with the optional Atlx expander

The Intellijel Atlantix is available now for $699. The Atlx expander is $59.


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