HyperSynth releases Hcards REV.2, offering Massive Memory Expansion for Yamaha DX Synths, Roland D-50

HyperSynth has revealed the Hcards REV.2, a major update to their Hcard line that provide massive external storage for the Yamaha DX series and Roland D-50.

The updated REV2 line features four products:

  • Hcard-701 REV.2 (Yamaha DX7 MKI).
  • Hcard-702 REV.2 (Yamaha DX7II, DX7s, DX11, RX7, RX5).
  • Hcard-705 REV.2 (Yamaha DX5 and DX1).
  • Hcard-750 REV.2 (Roland D-50)

This upgrade offers a solid metal case with new colour, better touch-pad action and visibility, easy cartridge insertion, updated firmware, and improved build quality over their predecessors.

Additions and Fixes (REV.2):

  • CNC metal case with scratch-free anodized finish.
  • Chamfered edge bottom side that offers easy insertion (H701, H702, and H705).
  • Colored touch buttons with enhanced action.
  • CNC milled edge connector for robust connectivity with slot sockets (H701, H702, and H705).
  • Upgraded from 2L to 4L PCB with new microprocessor and more stable firmware v2.1.
  • Hcards now draw less power from the synthesizer power supply.

Hcards are available to purchase now from authorized dealers in the US, EU, and Hypersynth webshop, with the following pricing: Hcard-701: €249 / $199, Hcard-702: €249 / $199, Hcard-750: €249/ $199, Hcard-705: $429

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