Heritage Audio MOTORCITY EQualizer



Heritage Audio reckons you should check out the Motorcity EQualizer.


Heritage Audio aims for the sound of Motown with its Motorcity Equalizer. The ‘Motown sound’ is one of the most distinctive in pop music history, and one that contemporary producers are still trying to recreate.


The Motorcity EQualizer is based on Motown units owned by producer and engineer Michael Brauer, and contains custom tone capacitors and inductors that feature the same materials, values and tolerances as the originals.


It is said to be a ‘dead-on’ recreation of the analogue, passive EQ that was used in Detroit on all those classic recordings, and promises punch and warmth to burn.


With its 10-gauge, hand-brushed aluminium faceplate and bakelite knobs, the Motorcity EQualizer certainly looks the part, and the internal circuitry is supposedly identical to the EQ that inspired it.


The unit lets you tweak the EQ at seven frequency points, while further controls include an in/out/off toggle switch and a gain control. The rear panel contains just a power supply jack and XLR in/out jacks.


Find out more on the Heritage Audio website.


The Motorcity EQualizer is available now priced at $1,599/€2,000.


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