Have fun building the Oskitone Scout open source Synthesizer


San Francisco-based DIY synth maker Oskitone has introduced the Scout, an Arduino-compatible square wave monosynth.


A mini square-wave sound machine for DIY enthusiasts. It might not be the most versatile synth in the world, but there is no denying the cuteness.


Controls are limited to a 17-note keyboard, a volume knob and an on/off switch, so hands-on tweaking is out of the question, but the Scout can be hacked if you are that way inclined.


This Arudino-compatible monophonic synth is proudly “no-frills”, and can also be purchased fully assembled ($125), but surely part of the fun is going the DIY route.


This brings the cost down to $65, and if you’re happy to 3D-print your own parts, you can pick up the Scout for as low as $42.




  • 17 keys
  • Custom PCB and 3D-printed hardware
  • Satisfying “clicky” tactile switches
  • Built-in amplifier, speaker, and output jack
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Open-source and ready to be hacked. Re-programmable with FTDI cable (not included)


Find out more on the Oskitone website.

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