Hampshire Electronics VULCAN 8-Voice Analog Polysynth – Sneak Preview


Hampshire Electronics, British Euro maker shared this sneak preview for the upcoming Vulcan 8-voice Eurorack analog polyphonic synthesizer.

The Vulcan is a switchable, 4 or 8 voice poly synth in Eurorack format. It features 2 oscillators with independent sub basses and filters. It has two ADSRS, for VCA and LP Filter, and three LFOs assignable, to 10 different destinations.

You can also store your patches in one of the 99 preset slots.

While the Vulcan is a Eurorack module, it does not offer any CV/Gate control – it’s designed to be a synthesizer module that can be mounted in a Eurorack system to add polyphony in a compact format.


Hampshire Electronics says that the Vulcan will be available to purchase very soon at a “very reasonable price”. Details are still to come at Hampshire Electronics website.


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