GForce officially-endorsed Oberheim SEM



More of the Oberheim SEM? GForce Software has officially-endorsed Oberheim synth plugin goes beyond the original. And the “Most authentic” SEM reboot released to coincide with Tom Oberheim’s birthday.


GForce having already released two versions of OB-E, its plugin recreation of the Oberheim 8-Voice, GForce Software has now unveiled an officially-endorsed emulation of the Oberheim SEM.


GForce’s version has been recreated with the help of both Tom Oberheim and Marcus Ryle, an Oberheim engineer during the ‘80s, so authenticity should be a given.


GForce says that it’s gone so far as to model the “analogue inaccuracies” of the original SEM – which was released back in 1974 – giving you a convincing blend of analogue character and digital precision.


There are new features as well: a third VCO, which doubles as an audio rate LFO for additional modulation and FM possibilities; tempo-syncable LFOs; and velocity and aftertouch modulation.


Additionally, you get an arpeggiator and sequencer, a stereo delay and a reverb, and more than 400 presets.




“The beauty of the SEM lies in its combination of great sound and simple to use architecture,” say Dave Spiers & Chris Macleod, co-founders of GForce Software. “That’s why, since its release in 1974, the SEM has remained highly coveted and musically relevant.


“Over four decades later, we’re beyond thrilled to release our software version with Tom Oberheim’s full blessing, collaboration and endorsement.”


Speaking of which, Tom Oberheim – who celebrates his birthday today – also has a comment: “It’s so good to hear something that’s dear to my heart done properly in software.”


It sounds like the SEM plugin is a product of mutual respect, then; it is available now at the introductory price of £30 plus VAT (regular price will be £50 plus VAT) and runs in VST/AU/AAX formats on PC and Mac.


Find out more on the GForce Software website.



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