Getting Started with Tiptop Buchla 266t Source Of Uncertainty Eurorack Module


Todd Barton, Buchla expert – shared this series of videos, demonstrating the capabilities of the Buchla & Tiptop Audio 266t Source Of Uncertainty.


Barton’s videos include an overview of the Source Of Uncertainty, demos of each of the six main sections and musical examples of the 266t in action.


TipTop Audio’s Buchla Model 266t Source of Uncertainty is a recreation of the classic random voltage generator and sculpting module. The 266t offers six different tools in one interface. The 266t divides into two sections of generation and modification, featuring two different processors and four generator types, with one producing three flavors of analog noise, labeled flat, -3dB/oct, and +3dB/oct.

The Buchla & TipTop Audio Model 266t Source of Uncertainty is available now for $299. A reissue of the original, full-size 266 module is also available for $999.



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