Gamechanger Audio MotorSynth MKII In-Depth Review

The latest video from Miles Away offers an in-depth review and demo of the Gamechanger Audio MotorSynth MKII.

The Motor Synth II is the latest version of the company’s unique electro-mechanical synthesizer. It offers expanded capabilities, including separate multi-mode analog filters, redesigned modulation section, an additional digital voice equipped with a separate envelope, portamento section, and digital multimode filter.

Topics covered:

0:00 – jam 1: Motorsynth only

0:39 – what makes the Motorsynth so unique?

2:00 – beauty in imperfection

3:23 – jam 2: heavy industrial electro

5:45 – synth tour, the motor oscillators

8:01 – Motorsynth’s amazing stereo image

8:59 – how to use the performance interface for drone patches

10:27 – the digital oscillator voice

11:20 – paraphonic features explained, making a keys patch

13:10 – filter types, drive, and unison mode

15:39 – drift, detune and cross mod

17:28 – envelope section, making a complex patch

21:07 – modulation matrix

22:30 – arp, motion recorder and sequencer

24:10 – random generator

25:11 – final verdict with pros and cons

28:00 – jam 3: melodic edm


Watch the MotorSynth MKII review and share your thought on it in the comments!




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