Free Make Noise Spectraphon Firmware Update Now Available, ‘SpectraNoise’

Make Noise has released a free firmware update for the Spectraphon Eurorack module, SpectraNoise.

SpectraNoise adds the following features:

  • Two new Oscillator modes: Noise, and Chaos
  • In Noise mode, the Even and Odd outputs contain a pair of sine waves (use the Input attenuator to detune them up to an octave from each other). The Partials control sets the width of noise sidebands around the sine frequency. The Slide and Focus controls set the frequencies of a low-pass and high-pass filter, respectively, for this modulating noise, further shaping the sidebands.
  • In Chaos mode, the two sine oscillators are each paired with a second sine whose harmonic ratio to the core is set by the Focus control. (As with SAO and Noise you can use the Input attenuator to detune the two sines by up to an octave.) Partials adds audio rate modulation of one sine by the other, and Slide adds multiple chaotic feedback paths to this modulation.
  • Low Frequency behavior added to SAO, Noise, and Chaos. To switch a Side into low frequency, hold Shift and press Array (this is the same process used for Array creation in SAM).
  • All Mode options reset to factory settings when powering on while holding SHIFT A & SHIFT B.
  • Bug fixes

SpectraNoise is available now as a free download.

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