Free Genesis Sound Library For Korg Modwave

Sound designer Ian Dixon shared this video demo of his new Genesis Sound Collection for the Korg Modwave.


What Dixon say about it:

“From “Watcher of the Sky” to “Invisible Touch,” we’ve captured the essence of these classic tracks.

This collection features 36 performances inspired by legendary instruments like the Mellotron, ARP Pro Soloist, Quadra, Korg Wavestation, and DX7.

Whether you’re a Genesis fan or a synth enthusiast, there’s something here for everyone.”


The sound library is compatible with Modwave, Modwave Native, Modwave mkII, & Modwave Rack.

The Genesis Sound Collection is available now as a free download.

Demo timings:

00:00 Introduction

01:21 Abacab Organ

01:51 Alien Afternoon

02:47 Cinema Show

02:56 ARP Pro Soloist Trumpet

03:11 APR Fuzz Guitar

04:04 ARP Pro Soloist Telstar

04:32 In the cage

04:48 Bass pedals

05:11 Behind the lines

06:27 Domino

08:02 Invisible Touch

08:04 Marker 5

08:30 Fading Lights Split

09:10 Home by the sea live

10:00 Invisible Touch

11:10 Home by the sea

12:49 Mellotron strings

13:10 Watcher of the sky

14:07 Mellotron Choir

14:30 Mellotron Flute and strings

14:54 Abacab

15:02 Alone Tonight

15:30 Quadra Chorused Organ

15:51 Follow you follow me

16:34 Quadra Phased Organ

16:50 RMI piano

17:15 CP80

17:29 Live lead sound

18:04 Wavestation Minilead

19:29 Warm strings from Fading Lights






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