Eventide’s interval-based Misha Instrument/Sequencer is Now Available


Following the launch at Superbooth 2022, Eventide has revealed more about Misha, its unusual interval-based Eurorack instrument and sequencer.


Can it tip the musical scales in your favour?

It offers an intriguingly different approach to music making – each key enables you to move either up or down the selected scale by a specified interval; – each key is labelled accordingly. This method is inspired by the twelve-tone composition technique, which places equal importance on all twelve notes of a chromatic scale, preventing emphasis on any one single note.


Misha is designed to encourage and reward spontaneity, features more than 100 factory scales, including Western and microtonal options, and space for 100 user/custom scales, along with support for the Scala standard.


Additionally, a flexible sequencer is included, while MIDI, gate/CV and waveform outputs give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to connectivity. There are external control templates for MIDI and QWERTY keyboards, as well.



  • Make sound three ways via MIDI, control voltage (with three independent gate/cv pairs) or outputting waveforms via the audio jack
  • External control templates for MIDI and QWERTY keyboards
  • 100 factory scales and additional slots for up to 100 user/custom scales (Scala support)
  • Tone row based sequencer inspired by the classic compositional technique used in serial music
  • Comprehensive control of sequence playback to easily manipulate and expand upon your musical ideas
  • Create rhythmic variations using clock division
  • Four user-assignable buttons
  • 18 user presets
  • CV inputs for external trigger/control sources
  • Clock input for syncing to external sources. User configurable PPQ settings
  • Audio output for internal oscillator
  • Polyphony via 3 CV outputs or MIDI
  • Micro-USB for easy firmware updates using Eventide Device Manager
  • Micro-SD card for saving/loading scales and settings


An in-depth demo from loopop’s Ziv Eliraz:

Eventide Misha


Watch the video above to see it in action. Misha is available now priced at $599.


Find out more on the Eventide website.




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