Erica Synths teams up with Richie Hawtin on Bullfrog Educational Synth

Erica Synth has announced Bullfrog, a new educational synth, created in partnership with minimal techno producer Richie Hawtin (Plastikman).

Bullfrog is a compact modular synthesizer that offers modules for sound generation (VCO, Noise), treatment (VCF, VCA/Delay) and modulators (EG, S&H). Unlike many compact modulars, the Bullfrog is not internally normalized, meaning that it won’t make a sound unless it is patched, or by inserting voice cards into the expansion slot, which can patch internal connections or add additional features, like a sampler/looper or sequencer.

The company says that requiring the user to patch connections helps one understand both how the synth works and the principals of sound design.

”As a teenager, I felt like I was searching for the right outlet to transit my creativity and, in synthesis, I found a path,” notes Hawtin. “These memories and concepts are at the heart of our Bullfrog synthesizer. Whether someone’s experience with Bullfrog points them down a career in electronic music or not, our goal is to both nurture a passion for electronically produced sounds and promote a fun easy learning path into basic sound synthesis.”

Bullfrog will be available on 10th of August 2023. Pricing is to be announced.

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