Erica Synths Nightverb & ResonantEQ debut at Superbooth 2024

At Superbooth 2024, being held May 16-18 in Berlin, Erica Synths has made two new introductions:

Nightverb is a new hardware reverb effect, developed in collaboration with 112dB. The two previously worked together on the Black Stereo Reverb and Black Stereo Delay Eurorack modules.

Nightverb is a different proposition: a stereo reverb with a custom algorithm. During development, the focus was on its musicality, so you can have extremely long decay tails while maintaining harmonic integrity. Notes can be pitch-shifted and turned into massive ambient textures by tweaking multiple parameters simultaneously.

What they have to say about it:

Introducing the Nightverb – a stereo reverb with a unique and musical custom algorithm, save/recall functions for all parameters, all in a sleek aluminum case to aesthetically match our lineup of desktop units.

We focused on the musical aspect of the effect – extremely long decay tails are possible without losing harmonic integrity and since multiple parameters can be adjusted at once, notes can be played individually and held in chords, pitch-shifted at a whim or used to create massive, ambient textures.

Coming in an aluminium case and similar format to Erica Synths’ other desktop units, Nightverb has save/recall functions for all parameters. Details are still minimal at the Erica Synths website, but they expect it to be available this summer.

They also have announced the Graphic Resonant Equalizer, a 10-band resonant equalizer, with a fully-analog signal path and digital control over individual band levels.

This architecture gives “an unprecedented level of control for shaping sounds”, with the possibility of saving presets, randomizing band levels, applying clocked modulations and even allowing for the module to act as an unconventional multimode filter.

The CV inputs for all bands and the clock input allow for integrating the Graphic Resonant Equalizer into any Eurorack system.


  • 10 band analogue resonant equalizer
  • Digital control over band levels
  • CV control over each band level
  • Configurable resonance loops (one or several bands)
  • EQ, Lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch filter modes
  • Patch memory
  • Clock input for clocked modulations or patch selection
  • Spectrum analyzer mode
  • An optional expander for hands-on control of each band’s boost/cut
  • Module width – 20 HP

Details are still to come at the Erica Synths website.


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