Endorphin.es intros Golden Master, Cockpit & Milky Way 1U Modules at Superbooth 2021


At Superbooth 2021, Endorphin.es has introduced three new modules in a 1U form factor, each of which are based on existing Euro format modules:


  • Golden Master 1U is a Eurorack stereo, end of chain multiband processor. It utilizes 3 behind the panel connectors: AUX IN and MIX OUT for chaining Golden Master with other Mix Bus compatible modules and a 6 pin balanced output for Intellijel 1/4″ I/O outputs. This makes Golden Master 1U a useful end of chain stereo output module.
  • Milky Way 1U is a stereo FX module in 22hp. It features 16 different true stereo FX algorithms, with the ability to pan and crossfade the input signals under CV control. By utilizing the MIX OUT connector on the back the module, it integrates with other Mix Bus compatible modules.
  • Cockpit 1U is a compact 4-channel stereo mixer, with sidechain ducking in 24 hp. It features 4 white labels that can be used for naming your channels with a permanent marker. Channels 2/3/4 now have dual mono inputs, eliminating the need for jumpers on the back, channel 1 has remained stereo. As with other 1U modules, it has three behind the back connectors, namely AUX IN and MIX OUT for chaining and 6 pin balanced output for Intellijel ¼ IO outputs.


The new 1U modules will be available in October 2021, priced at € 200, incl. VAT/$210 MSRP.


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