Elektron introduces it’s Syntakt Analog + Digital Drum Computer and Synthesizer



Following a mysterious teaser video dropped earlier this week, Elektron today unveiled their new hybrid drum machine and synthesizer,  Syntakt


Syntakt, a 12-track drum machine and synthesizer that utilizes a hybrid of analogue and digital synthesis is described by Elektron as a “drum specialist” that’s geared towards complex drum synthesis and sequencing. Despite its percussive specialisation, the Syntakt’s four analogue and eight digital tracks can also be used for melody, harmony and bass sounds.


Across the Syntakt 12 tracks, there are a total of 35 ‘machines’ (these are what Elektron calls its sound generators, each aimed at generating a particular type of sound) available for use. Some of these have been lifted from the Analog Rytm and Model:Cycles, while some have been designed exclusively for the Syntakt.


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Sounds produced by the Syntakt can be ran through a variety of effects, including delay, reverb and the impressive analogue overdrive and multimode filters previously found in the Analog Rytm. External audio can also be routed through the Syntakt’s FX block.


Syntakt enables you plenty of opportunity for modulation, with 2 assignable LFOs per track and 2 more in the dedicated FX track. And Syntakt also takes advantage of powerful sequencing capabilities Elektron have developed in previous machines, with a 64-step sequencer offering the parameter locks and trigger conditions that Elektron fans will already know and love.


Weighing in at just over 1.5kg, the Syntakt is hooked up with MIDI In/Out/Thru connections, L/R inputs, L/R outputs, a headphone out and USB Type-B to connect to your computer.


Syntakt overview video:





Digital track features (×8)


10 × selectable machine

1 × Bass drum

2 × Snare drum

1 × Cymbal/hihat

1 × Percussion

1 × Clap

4 × Tonal synth

1 × digital overdrive per track

1 × digital multimode filter per track

1 × digital base-width filter per track

2 × assignable LFOs per track

Switchable to MIDI machine


Analog Drum track features (×3)


15 × selectable machine

6 × Bass drum

4 × Snare drum

2 × Rimshot

1 × Dual VCO synth

1 × Impulse

1 × Noise generator

1 × analog overdrive per track

1 × analog multimode filter per track

2 × assignable LFOs per track

Switchable to MIDI machine


Analog Cymbal track features (×1)


12 × selectable machine

5 × Hihat

3 × Cymbal

2 × Cowbell

1 × Impulse

1 × Noise generator

1 × analog overdrive per track

1 × analog multimode filter per track

2 × assignable LFOs per track

Switchable to MIDI machine


FX track features (×1)


Delay and reverb automation

Analog stereo overdrive

Analog stereo multimode filter

2 × assignable LFOs

Assignable to each track

External in


Performance features


1 × Retrig modifier

1 × Velocity modifier

2 × Assignable trig modifiers

Keyboard mode with 36 different scales


MIDI Machine features


4 note polyphony per step

8 × assignable CC controls

1 × assignable LFOs per track


Sequencer features


64 steps per pattern and track

Individual pattern length per track

Individual time scale multiplier per track

Parameter locks

Trig conditions & trig chance


Micro timing


Send effects







128 × 64 pixel OLED screen

2 × ¼” impedance balanced audio out jacks

2 × ¼” audio in jacks

1 × ¼” stereo headphone jack

Das Keyboard Prime 13 White LED Mechanical Keyboard

48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port

MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN Sync out




Overbridge enabled

Class Compliant USB Audio

External Input mixer

3 year Elektron warranty


Included in the box


Power Supply PSU-3c

Elektron USB cable

Quick Guide

Exclusive artwork & epic stickers



The Elektron Syntakt is available now for $999/£849/ 10 499,00 SEK.


Find out more on Elektron website.




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