Dtronics’ DT-DX Upcoming FM Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Dtronics is turning the free Dexed FM synth plugin, an emulation of the Yamaha DX7, into a hardware synth.

Dexed is one of our favourite free synth plugins, being a highly accurate software emulation of the Yamaha DX7 FM synth. Now, though, it looks like things are turning full circle, as Dtronics is taking the Dexed code and packing it into a hardware synth known as DT-DX.

Dtronics DT-DX is a new upcoming hardware standalone version of the popular free Dexed FM Synthesizer plugin, which offers six operators, seven envelopes, and full support for DX-7/TX-7 SysEx programs. The DT-DX is based on the Raspberry Pi-powered MiniDexed DIY synth. The Dtronics version appears to be a less barebones, more fully-formed affair that you don’t need to build yourself.

Synth Anatomy reports that this will be an 8-part multitimbral instrument with mixing options at the output stage, plus the facility to detune each instance independently. Compressor and reverb effects are set to be included, as well.

One thing that might deter deep-diving DT-DX slightly is the interface, which looks like it comprises little more than a push-knob and a two-line display. As such, it’s not going to be great for realtime control, but if you just want to browse and play presets, it might do the job.

Round the back you’ll find audio and MIDI connectivity along with USB ports for power and hooking up a MIDI controller keyboard.

DT-DX price and release date are TBA but presumably these will soon be forthcoming on the Dtronics website.


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